The true story of a gastronomic adventure

AIt all began in 1898 when French gourmets Geoffroy Guichard and his wife Antonia Perrachon acquired a small grocery in Saint-Etienne. Their quest for excellence meant that they left no stone unturned in their search for traditional savoir-faire, seeking outstanding talents in order to offer the very of best French cuisine to gourmets throughout the world.

A century later, the Guichard Perrachon brand is a fitting tribute to these exceptional craftspeople in the art of French gastronomy.Today, the GUICHARD PERRACHON brand is clearly reminiscent of the care and attention to detail at each stage, from the choice of ingredients to the packaging. The very first mouthful of each product in this grocery assortment will, in addition to providing that typically French taste, transport you through a surprising and timeless experience.

Geoffroy Guichard and Antonia Perrachon were able to pass on their passion to others, becoming ambassadors for fine culinary treats. Now, they are ready to arouse your senses with these simple yet intense and unexpected gastronomic pleasures, so that you may share the experience of these incomparable emotions.


A range of fine foods built on 3 pillars 

Carefully selected ingredients 
Superior quality and unique know-how 
Elaborated recipes for enjoyment of adult gourmets