Casino around the world

 Present in emerging markets since several years, Casino continued to develop the footprint of its banners. It also develops private-label supply partnerships in new markets.

These collaborations ensure the Group’s expansion in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia.

More than 400 affiliated stores in more than 70 countries

ExtenC’s strategy is to forge partnerships with retail players in countries where the Group does not yet have a presence. These partnerships are either affiliation agreements or private-label supply to leading local retailers. : affiliation and the supply of private label products.

The first focus is to expand the network of affiliates through long-term agreements with powerful local partners. The number of affiliated stores worldwide reached 408 in 2023. With a strong presence in North Africa and the Middle-East, as well as in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Group is broadening and deepening its presence in geographies with high growth potential.

Private labels, the Group’s ambassadors

The Group has been expanding the supply of Casino private-label products to leading local retailers. Apart from providing access to major markets, these partnerships also substantially raise the visibility of all Group brands.

These brands, which represent a sought-after French lifestyle, are resoundingly popular with Asian customers. A number of stores in Southeast Asia feature these items in a dedicated corner.